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The most famous landmark of Crete, Knossos, is the absolute “must” for everybody who decides to spend his or her vacation on our beautiful island. On one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Greece, we find the center of one of the most powerful civilizations of the ancient world and through the excavations, the legends and the history of the place we learn about its settlers: the Minoan people, the rulers of the Mediterranean.

With its small palace, the room of murals, the royal tombs and the royal mansion, Knossos is probably the most significant token of a civilization that left such marks in history that can never be erased. The intricate structure of the palace corridors gave it the name Labyrinth, where, according to the myth, the legendary Minotaur used to live. The marvelous architectural plan, the use of rare and luxurious materials, the advanced techniques of construction and drainage system and the massive size of the palace of Knossos make it, even today, the most amazing sight on Crete.

We return to the city to visit the newly renovated Archaeological Museum, which exhibits traditional architecture and preserves exquisite and valuable ethnographic and historical material from the ancient period of Cretan history.

A stroll in the city of Heraklion will end up a perfect day –shopping in its modern stores, enjoying our coffee or lunch in one of its many restaurants or just exploring its superb medieval buildings.

09:45 Arrival in Knossos Palace
11:45 Departure from Knossos Palace
12:00 Arrival in Heraklion
16:30 Departure from Heraklion

Duration: app. 10 hours

Stay in Knossos: app. 2 hours
Stay in Museum: app. 2 hours
Stay In Heraklion: app. 2 hours
  • Entrance fees for the Knossos Palace and the Archaeological Museum (15+12 Euros)children under 18 free, adults over 65 discounted
  • Whispers: 2.00 €
*age price reductions not available*